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Aside from the fact that we only use fresh ingredients, did you know that we peel the stems of all the hot peppers we use for our hot sauces manually? Oh yes, Hot Delight sauces are of the highest quality and flavor, and it is prepared with extra care.

Adding just the right amount of our Hot Delight Gourmet Hot Sauces to your meals helps bring to life all of the other flavors of whatever you’re eating!

Our delicious hot sauces can be used in a wide variety of dishes for extra flavor and kick. Many local restaurants offer our Hot Delight Gourmet Hot Sauces right on the table, as it is a true favorite among Arubans, who put it on everything from fresh-caught fish to soup or beans and rice.

Hot Delight Gourmet hot sauces were first created by Mr. Aurelio Ruiz’s grandfather, who during the early colonial years invented Aruba’s most delightful, homemade, gourmet hot sauces now called Hot Delight Papaya (mild hot) and Hot Delight Madam (very hot).

These family recipes were then passed on to Aurelio’s hardworking father, who then passed the secret formula to Aurelio.

At first Aurelio reserved this recipe for family use only. But now they’ve become indispensable within local and international cuisine of numerous households, hotels and restaurants in Aruba, but also internationally!


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Looking for the best hot sauces out there? Then look no further. Hot Delight Gourmet Hot Sauces have won international acclaim! Taste the sweetness of the heat with Hot Delight Papaya, which is somewhat less potent than its sister sauce Hot Delight Madam.

But let’s be clear both pack a considerable punch!

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